Who Are We?


We're jazzy and classy, sassy and sweet

We dance to the music, we move to the beat.

Dressed in black sequins with black fishnet hose

We pay homage to Broadway and those

Great White Way shows.

We kick up our heels, we tap with our canes.

We wear bright yellow slickers to dance in the rain.

We mambo and cha cha in silver and pink.

Shaking and quaking, maracas we clink.

Fedoras and bowlers, we wear many hats

Various dance shoes, absolutely no flats.

Spot turns and pivots, vines and chaines

We two step and box step, we swing and we sway.

Maybe a jazz box or a chassee

How 'bout a grapevine and pas de bourree?

We'll kick and we'll stomp to country and classics

Our routines are diverse and simply fantastic!

So who is the group that entertains all

From eastside to westside and has quite a ball?

We're the  SilverBelles of SaddleBrooke!!