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Ann Kurtz

Dance has always been a passion for me. I started as a child with ballet, tap & acrobatics and my inspiration has always been my older sister who was a professor of dance. I studied modern dance in college and then continued as an adult with more ballet and jazz classes along with ballroom dance. I have competed in ballroom dance and also choreographed performances for ballroom formation teams in foxtrot/swing, waltz and samba. Developing choreography for the SilverBelles is so much fun, especially with such a talented team of dancers.


Caryl Mobley

I was born in Chicago, but feel my real roots are in Little Rock, Arkansas. Number one on my bucket list is to visit the  Fredericka Hotel in Little Rock. I've been an insurance and nursing librarian, a library director and Lifetime Director at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library. I was named "Romance Librarian of the Year." We moved to SaddleBrooke to avoid the cold winters of Illinois. I joined the SilverBelles and also volunteer at the Golden Goose. I belong to 2 book clubs, 2 Red Hat groups, a Bunco and card group, the Senior Art Group at Santa Catalina and the Fine Arts Guild of SaddleBrooke. I enjoy oil painting, new dance classes and new endeavor

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Laurie Page

Born in Indianapolis during World War II, we followed my Navy father around, eventually settling in California. I grew up in the city of Downey, California and met my husband, Sam, there when we were both in Junior High School. We have just celebrated our 56th Wedding Anniversary and have three daughters and seven grandchildren. I have always loved dance and started taking lessons when I was just a child. In 2013 I joined the first Crystal Belles Training class and that November was invited to be a Silverbelle! I love performing with our group and entertaining our audiences.


Claudia Booth

My parents were fabulous dancers so I was dancing on my dad's feet by the age of 6. I took ballet and tap dance lessons as a child and won twist and jitterbug contests in high school. During my college years I danced in a sorority performance group along with other musical productions. I love to dance. I have danced Bachata in the rain forests  of Bolivia and the tango in Buenos Aires, what next? I now dance and teach ballroom with the SaddleBrooke Dance Club. It is my privilege to serve as costume coordinator for the SilverBelles. My mantra is "Whenever in doubt...just dance..." or play golf and travel.

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Dianne Bank

On a weekend getaway from Las Vegas, I stumbled into SaddleBrooke. Deciding I was done with the bright lights and late nights, made it my home. I started teaching Zumba classes at Curves which is where you can still find me 'Zumba-ing' today. I've been on more cruises than the crew of The Love Boat. I love dancing with the SilverBelles, I enjoy staying strong and healthy and would love to be able to dance my way into the sunset.


Tina Wrbanek

My first of many on stage performances was when I was 7 years old playing the accordion, which I continued  to do as an adult. I was a Round Dance leader in the Chicago area and in Tucson. Since moving to SaddleBrooke, I have appeared in plays, "In the Brooke" shows and Variety Shows. I dance with the Clogging Desert Stars and well as with the SilverBelles. I also sing with the SB Singers.

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Loretta Tom

Growing up in the Philippines was a dance fest of weekend square dancing and rock 'n roll  interspersed with roller skating, bicycling, beach excursions and church choir. In college, more rock 'n roll with my uncles and formal functions at school. While at Ohio State University, performed some native dances for the International Students' Club. Dancing came to a halt until joining the Crystal Belles in 2016. Now a "SilverBelle newbie" I am having a blast surprising my 3 sons and 5 grandchildren. Grandma broke out of her shell!


Sandy Schoenleber

I am so happy to be a member of the SilverBelles. I was raised in Southern California where I took years of ballet, tap and modern dance. I have taken various dance classes here and there as an adult and when I saw the SilverBelles perform, I knew I wanted to join this group of enthusiastic, dance loving women. I also love tennis, art and gardening. I have one daughter and two granddaughters.

About Us

After raising our two children in northwest Wisconsin, my husband and I decided SaddleBrooke was the

Tami Peterson

After raising our two children in northwest Wisconsin, my husband and I decided SaddleBrooke was the perfect place to land. Dancing has been a passion of mine since I was young, so I am very excited to be a member of the SilverBelles. I love to travel, play tennis, read and spend time with friends and family.


Michele Gildner

My first dance experience was learning the twist at 5 years old. A year later I started what turned out to be 10 wonderful years of ballet classes. Although I spent a decade away from dancing, I wowed them in law school by performing a spot-on imitation of Mick Jagger's "Shattered" complete with platform shoes. I'm thrilled to be back dancing and part of this group of women who dance with such joy and love.